Dancing in the fullness of God’s life … it’s time to catch the wind!

A collective of redemptive dance artists offering classes, workshops and choreography projects.


When birds soar, they glide on a current of wind, catching it, so that they exchange their strength to fly for that of the wind carrying them. This beautiful, dynamic relationship that produces restful flight, and the ability to “soar” above life’s often difficult circumstances.

Similarly, the art of dance is a powerful tool that can bring us into God’s presence, where we “soar” above and transcend the everyday realities that can so easily hinder our flight. But in Christ, “For freedom we have been set free,” and dance is one way to so beautifully illustrate this deep, internal freedom that extends to every area of life, spirit, soul, and body.

“But those who wait for Yahweh’s grace will experience divine strength. They will rise up on soaring wings and fly like eagles, run their race without growing weary, and walk through life without giving up.” -Isaiah 40:31

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Summer 2024 Dance Classes with 40:31 Dance Collective

What does dance have to do with bringing hearts alive? Well, lots it turns out. God can use dance as a tool to bring up things long forgotten to bring healing, open our eyes to new possibilities, and connect us to others in ways we never could have otherwise. Dance is one way to illustrate and experience the deep, internal freedom we have in Christ, extending to every area of life – spirit, soul, and body. Because God brings dead hearts to life.

Starting July 15, 40:31 Dance Collective will offer two unique dance class experiences, created to help you:

    • Experience freedom in Christ
    • Go deeper in your worship
    • Grow in intimacy with God
    • Embrace the fullness of life Jesus offers


Classes will be offered Monday nights, 7/15/24-8/26/24, at Woodmen Hills Recreation Center West – 9205 Meridian Ranch Blvd, Falcon, CO 80831:

5-6 p.m. – Dance as Ministry will learn choreography exploring the concept of bringing heaven to earth. Will work toward filming a dance video. (For intermediate-advanced levels, teen-adult).

6-7 p.m. – Worship Dance will combine ballet and lyrical technique basics while exploring the fullness of life in Christ. (For all dance levels, teen-adult).

Register @ https://bit.ly/smr24

  • July class fee – $35/person
  • August class fee – $45/person

$10 discount if register for both classes

More Info:

Classes will be facilitated by Tonia Nifong, whose heart is to help others experience freedom and breakthrough via the art of dance. Tonia grew up taking ballet, lyrical, and jazz dance, but God brought dance into her life in a new way in college, after she surrendered her life to Him. Through dance, Jesus has brought much soul healing, and after graduating with a degree in dance ministry in 2019, Tonia traveled to India with the International Christian Dance Fellowship, where she had the opportunity to teach on the physiology of emotions, and how reactions to life circumstances impact body chemistry, providing the opportunity to re-write our individual histories. And, when we choose to break generational patterns through Christ, we also can partner with Jesus in re-writing the histories of our families and communities. We set the stage for those who come after us to flourish in Christ’s deep, abiding, whole love. It is from a place of trust and intimacy with Jesus that we grow in understanding the new identity he gives us – we heal and lead others to healing as well.


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